JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Branch Scripting

Improve Call Center and Customer Success

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Branch Scripting can help you improve the efficiency of your customer service representatives by providing intelligent scripts that walk them through a diagnosis of a problem or support them in selling additional products. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Branch Scripting makes it easy for you to create both linear and branch scripts and will help your organization streamline and standardize how you collect customer information, ensuring greater accuracy and consistency of data.

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Branch Scripting
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  • Ability to create both branch and linear scripts allows you to use conditional logic to determine the sequence of questions being asked based on the customer's response or lead your reps through a fixed set of questions in a fixed order.
  • Script-authoring tool allows you to define questions that should be asked, answers to questions, and associated weights and scores for the questions and answers.
  • Onscreen script prompter and automatic capture of data.
  • Multilingual support means you can translate your scripts into multiple languages, allowing you to support customers worldwide.
  • When used with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solution Advisor knowledge database, reps can look up known issues and associated fixes and then run scripts to find a solution.


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