JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Promising

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Promising provides a single, global picture of supply and demand so you can make reliable, real-time delivery commitments to your customers. Account for material availability as well as manufacturing, supplier, and transportation capacity, so you can provide multilevel available-to-promise (ATP), capable-to-promise (CTP), and even profitable-to-promise (PTP) functionality. PTP is enabled by trading off many potential fulfillment options and associated costs against the potential revenue of the order.


  • Improve customer service—Improve customer service through accurate order promises that consider manufacturing capacity, material availability, transportation lead-times and shipping and receiving calendars.
  • Reduce costs—Making accurate initial promises avoids later production overtime, purchase order expediting or premium freight costs. Increased efficiencies are also delivered to the customer service, supply chain and logistics staff.
  • Increase revenue—Increase order capture rate in highly competitive industries, where the ability to instantly make reliable promises for commoditized products is critical to where potential customers place their orders. Higher capture rates directly translate to additional revenue.
  • Reduce lead time—Reduce lead times quoted to customers by promising based on current business reality, rather than standard lead times. Standard lead times are subjective and static, reflecting historical average performance that is seldom reflective of current business reality.
  • Integrate with key JD Edwards Edwards EnterpriseOne supply chain management and order management applications—promise accurately based on up-to-date data via seamless integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne manufacturing, configurator, and order management.
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