JD Edwards EnterpriseOne RFID Processor

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne RFID Processor allows you to use wireless reading technology to meet your current customer RFID (radio frequency identification) mandates, such as those from Wal-Mart, the United States Department of Defense, Target, and Tesco. In addition, you will see immediate improvements in fulfillment rates via better inventory accuracy; less inventory obsolescence; reductions in labor, handling. and manual errors; and shorter lead times.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne RFID Processor is part of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supply chain management family of applications.


  • Send and receive an advanced shipping notice (ASN) containing RFID-generated electronic product code (EPC) data
  • Allow trading partners using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to receive inbound products and determine disposition of inventory directly from the ASN
  • With the ability to generate the EPC at multiple points along your pick, pack, and ship process, move toward a key demand-driven ability of delaying your postponement point (the point at which the product becomes unique to the customer)
  • More easily track products and recalls
  • Locate any SKU, item, or parts in real time—especially valuable in remote depots and staging areas that may lack sophisticated item management capabilities
  • Validate original and replacement part authenticity—especially valuable during recalls, returns, warranty work, and other reverse logistics activities
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