JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Requirements Planning gives you the solid, feasible plans and schedules you need for stable, low-variety manufacturing processes. It simplifies the planning process by making it easy for you to incorporate all enterprise locations and mixed-mode (process, discrete, repetitive, and so on) production processes under one requirements planning umbrella.

JD Edwards Requirements Planning is part of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supply chain management family of applications.


  • Execute DRP, MPS, and MRP for your entire enterprise in a single processing run
  • Select whether you want to run material requirements planning separately across multiple organizations or a grouping within the organization
  • Designate any facility as a supply source, a demand source, or both
  • Execute one of several different net change or full-regeneration planning runs
  • Select your planning horizon with a combination of daily, weekly, or any other user-defined period
  • Do replanning on the entire product line or an individual or group of items
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