JD Edwards World Self Service for Customers

Oracle's JD Edwards World Self Service for Customers lets customers and sales personnel enter and manage orders via the internet. This collaborative network lowers the cost of providing quality service, while expanding customer service options. Intuitive and easy-to-use, it enables customers to review, track, and change orders quickly, and gives sales personnel instant access to the information they need to better serve their customers.

JD Edwards World Self Service for Customers, part of the JD Edwards World Distribution Management product family, integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications.


JD Edwards World Self Service for Customers reduces customer service costs by giving customers access to order information and processes via the internet.

  • Improve the quality of customer service by enabling customers to place, track, and change orders, as well as check product availability, at their convenience.
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies by giving customers direct access to timely and accurate information about their accounts.
  • Get instant answers to order status and pricing.
  • Quickly verify customer information.
  • Reduce data entry errors by allowing customers to enter their own orders.
  • Reduce sales and service expenses by freeing service agents from routine tasks, enabling them to spend more time on value-added responsibilities.