JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable

Oracle's JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable accelerates receipt processing, provides visibility into current account balances, and improves communications among your billing, credit, and collection functions. Efficient handling of customer invoices helps improve your cash flow and enables you to manage customer relationships more effectively. With accurate, real-time AR information, you can immediately respond to credit and collections issues.

JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable is part of Oracle's JD Edwards World Financial Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications.


JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable automates the process of applying receipts and enables you to easily track customer payment history to improve customer support and cash flow.

  • View real-time information about customer payment habits to better manage credit and collections.
  • Automatically calculate discounts based on user-defined payment terms.
  • Create individual customer accounts, each with its own credit limit and review dates.
  • Report payment history based on user-defined parameters, including sales representative, collector, and regional geography.
  • Immediately recognize cash received and create an accurate cash flow position.
  • Create as many user-defined credit and collection policies as are needed for your business.
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