JD Edwards World Fixed Assets

Oracle's JD Edwards World Fixed Assets helps you optimize your capital asset portfolio by giving you a complete and accurate picture of your fixed assets, taking into account usage, depreciation, and costs. Integration with accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, equipment management, purchasing, and capital budgeting gives you the information you need to make decisions about the use, transfer, and disposal of your assets.

JD Edwards World Fixed Assets is part of Oracle's JD Edwards World Financial Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications.


JD Edwards World Fixed Assets enables you to get the most value out of your capital assets by providing complete visibility into asset information.

  • Support international depreciation requirements.
  • Maintain information about appropriate financing methods and insurance levels.
  • Respond to changing tax regulation.
  • Minimize equipment downtime by integrating predictive maintenance with operations requirements planning.
  • Speed transaction processing time by automating activities, such as asset account creation and depreciation and disposal posting to the general ledger.