JD Edwards World Globalization

Handle Global Regulatory Requirements and User Preferences

For companies who do business in more than one country, Oracle’s JD Edwards World provides localization software that focuses on country-specific functionality, as well as translations of menus, screens, and other soft coding to provide users with an interface and reports in their language.

  • JD Edwards World Globalization
  • JD Edwards World Globalization
  • JD Edwards World Globalization
  • JD Edwards World Globalization
  • Easily handle user preferences, such as date formats, decimal characters, user’s country, and language
  • Easily handle statutory requirements, such as tax reports
  • Supports legislative updates for 17 countries
  • Localizations for different countries can co-exist with each other
  • Localizations follow standard support policies
  • Translation is available for 18 languages
  • Languages can be translated whether or not a country-specific localization exists, as translations are independent of localizations
  • A single set of accounts and items is maintained, so users can translate account descriptions and item descriptions into their own language
  • Business partners offer solutions for countries not supported directly by Oracle
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