JD Edwards World Self-Service for Employees

Oracle's JD Edwards World Self-Service for Employees gives employees online access to personal information and HR processes, including benefits enrollment. By providing access online, you can manage HR data remotely via the internet, eliminating paperwork and unnecessary phone calls, while drastically reducing costs. With minimal training, employees can access this information anytime, enabling them to be more efficient and productive.

JD Edwards World Self-Service for Employees, part of Oracle's JD Edwards World HCM product family, integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications, including JD Edwards World Human Resources Management and JD Edwards World U.S. Payroll to provide data consistency and accuracy across your enterprise.


JD Edwards World Human Self-Service for Employees puts employee information on the internet, simplifying HR processes, increasing employee efficiency, and reducing the costs of managing your workforce.

  • Save time and reduce costs by putting employee information and HR processes on the web.
  • Streamline HR processes, including benefits enrollment and vacation/sick time.
  • Access employee information 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.
  • Change the system when needed to meet your company's specific requirements.
  • Reduce the number of phone calls received by HR.
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