JD Edwards World Time Accounting

Simplify Processes with Time cards, Labor, Billing and Costing

Oracle's JD Edwards World Time Accounting automates the processing of labor expenses, efficiently capturing labor data and transferring it to general ledger, job costing, and billing systems. With it, you can control costs, access real-time labor information, and accurately bill employee’s labor to jobs, projects, and customers.

  • JD Edwards World Time Accounting
  • JD Edwards World Time Accounting
  • JD Edwards World Time Accounting
  • Efficiently capture labor data via multiple time-entry formats, including employee self-service entry forms
  • Accurately bill employee’s time based on unique contract rates and store upcoming rate changes for automatic update
  • Automate changes in costing accounts without disrupting other processes
  • Easily share labor data across the enterprise
  • Define the rules and build them into the system

JD Edwards World Human Capital Management Products

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