Oracle MDM Data Quality

Data cleansing is at the heart of Oracle MDM’s ability to turn your data into an enterprise asset. Only standardized, de-duplicated, accurate, timely, and complete data can effectively serve an organization’s applications, business processes, and analytical systems. From point-of-entry anywhere across a heterogeneous IT landscape to end usage in a transactional application or a key business report, Oracle MDM’s Data Quality tools provide the fixes and controls that ensure maximum data quality.

Oracle recognizes that there are two primary data categories: relatively structured party data and relatively unstructured item data. Party data includes people and company names such as customers , suppliers, partners, organizations, contacts, etc., as well as address, hierarchies and other attributes that describe who a party is. Pattern matching tools are best for cleansing this kind of data. Item data includes Products, Services, Assets, and the full range of attributes that describe what an item is.  Semantic matching tools are required for cleansing this kind of data. This is why Oracle provides data quality tools specifically designed to handle these two kinds of data. One is our suite of Customer Data Quality servers and the other is our state-of-the-art Product Data Quality server.