Oracle Customer Data Quality

Oracle Customer Data Quality offers an end-to-end solution enabling customers to execute data quality processes on their customer data. The product family combines powerful data analysis, cleansing, matching, and reporting and monitoring capabilities with unparalleled ease of use. The Matching Server uses hybrid matching algorithms, giving it high accuracy and making it a best-in-class product. The Address Validation Server offers an unprecedented support for more than 240 countries. Together, they provide a complete solution covering all data quality functionalities needed in an enterprise, delivering in terms of both performance and scalability on a truly global scale.

Oracle Customer Data Quality delivers:

  • Complete solutions for all customer data quality needs that covers full spectrum of data quality functionalities
  • Best-in-class matching engine with superb accuracy on all types of name, address and identification data, flexible and adaptive to suit any customer situations
  • Unprecedented global coverage with matching libraries for 52 languages and address validation across 240 countries, 40 character sets and 100+ address formats
  • Tight integration with Oracle MDM and CRM applications to help customers understand the data quality status, address the data quality problems and achieve single view of the customer data


The solution has a proven track record in terms of scalability and performance, handling large volume, highly-scalable, critical applications. Additionally, with it's intuitive user interface, Oracle Data Quality puts control of data quality processes in the hands of business information owners, such as data analysts and data stewards.

Typical benefits are in the following areas:

  • Improve revenues—enable online search; drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities; faster and more complete response to quote requests; improved customer experience
  • Cost-efficiencies—increase selling efficiencies with deeper customer knowledge; avoid manual clean-up, classification, standardization, matching, de-duplication or translation efforts; avoid cost of error-correction;reduce cost of data synchronization and integration
  • IT Projects—reduce time, risk and cost of system deployment, consolidation or merger; avoid complex rules building and maintenance; enable governance by business users; drive ability to react to business change
  • Reporting & Compliance—platform for data quality governance; enforce data standards across systems, processes, repositories; dashboards & metrics to drive continuous process improvement


The full suite of data quality capabilities includes powerful data analysis, parsing and standardization, address validation and matching, as well as reporting and monitoring tools. Customers can use Oracle Customer Data Quality to profile data on their external sources, as well as parse and standardize unstructured data into key customer attributes beforehand, ensuring improved accuracy in the matching and de-duplication steps.

Oracle Data Quality Profiling Server allows users to

  • Use business rules and reference data to analyze and rank data
  • Identify, categorize, and quantify low-quality data
  • Create reports and dashboards to confirm data quality improvement

Oracle Data Quality Parsing and Standardization Server allows users to

  • Use business rules to parse or merge data elements into the expected attributes for the master records
  • Use reference data dictionaries to standardize freeform text data elements

Oracle Data Quality Address Validation Server offers

  • Quick validation and correction of worldwide postal addresses
  • Address coverage in more than 240 countries
  • Integrated single vendor– single API supports all countries

Oracle Data Quality Matching Server allows users to

  • Add real-time search for people, companies, contacts, addresses, households, titles and products
  • Discover duplicates and establish relationships in real time
  • Build relationship link tables and match external files and databases


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