PeopleSoft Enterprise Pay/Bill Management

An efficiently run financial back office (i.e. Payroll, Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable) is the foundation for growing a business and maximizing profitability. But for a staffing organization, obstacles that stand in the way of realizing a truly optimized back office can be overwhelming. Disparate, decentralized systems and manual processes can impede your ability to efficiently manage in today's fast-paced staffing industry. Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Pay/Bill Management integrates and streamlines your back-office functions to increase the efficiency of your business and gain real-time visibility into business performance.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Pay/Bill Management is a core component of the PeopleSoft Enterprise solution for the staffing industry—an integrated, industry-specific solution that seamlessly manages the front and back offices of staffing organizations.


    Drive Back Office Efficiencies

  • Reduce costs with intuitive employee self service around time and expense collection.
  • Deliver flexible, accurate and paperless payroll and billing.
  • Gain operational insight and measure true client profitability.