PeopleSoft Enterprise Staffing Front Office

Success in the staffing industry depends on your ability to continually fill the pipeline with new clients and job orders, recruit the best talent, and effectively match the two. Yet manual, paper-based processes and inadequate, homegrown systems may be getting in the way of your success.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Staffing Front Office is a staffing software solution that automates the time-consuming aspects of client, applicant, and order management so that you can focus on filling more job orders and growing your business. It is a core component of the PeopleSoft Enterprise solution for the staffing industry—an integrated, industry-specific solution that seamlessly manages the front and back offices of staffing organizations.


Increase New Business and Customer Loyalty

  • Effectively manage pipeline and sales force performance.
  • Present the most qualified candiates for each opportunity by aligning skills with job orders.
  • Proactively market available resources against anticipated customer requirements.

Workforce Management

  • Attract, recruit and hire the right talent.
  • Foster employee loyalty.
  • Align talent pool to current and future customer demand.