JD Edwards World Change Management

Oracle's JD Edwards World Change Management streamlines the workflow required for the change order approval process, ensuring that change orders remain within the scope of the original contract. You gain increased control over the change process, with the ability to analyze the impact of changes before approval and enforce compliance with your existing processes, client requirements, and regulatory mandates.

JD Edwards World Change Management is part of Oracle's JD Edwards World Project Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications.


JD Edwards World Change Management efficiently handles the document flow associated with project changes, ensuring the necessary approvals and providing a comprehensive audit trail.

  • Ensure the completion of all required review and approvals of project changes.
  • Enforce compliance with regulatory mandates or client requirements.
  • Bill all approved changes, timely and accurately.
  • Define unique approval cycles for each project.
  • Analyze the financial impact of a change and adjust project timelines and budget.
  • Gain access to the original, quoted, and final amounts for each change order item, as well as narrative descriptions.
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