JD Edwards World Project Costing

Oracle's JD Edwards World Project Costing enables you to proactively monitor project expenses and activities as your jobs move from drawing board to reality. It provides real-time access to the most recent budget, contract, and financial information for each job, with the ability to drill down into source amounts transactions and analyze point-in-time status at multiple levels of detail.

JD Edwards World Project Costing is part of Oracle's JD Edwards World Project Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications, including JD Edwards World General Accounting.


JD Edwards World Project Costing provides ongoing visibility into each job and its component activities, with streamlined access to comprehensive, real-time project information.

  • Monitor each job's progress in the context of its original budget.
  • Review actuals from Accounts Payable to determine whether any action is needed to reign in spending or revise contract terms. (JD Edwards World Project Costing integrates with JD Edwards World Accounts Payable.)
  • Define job setups to match the unique requirements of a project or client.
  • Analyze each project from multiple perspectives.
  • Improve coordination between field operations and the home office with status tracking tools.
  • Analyze changes in profitability for a single job or multiple jobs based on predefined thresholds for over/under billing and revenue/expense matching.
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