JD Edwards World Property Management

Oracle's JD Edwards World Property Management provides the information and analytical tools to help you turn your finished properties into sustainable sources of revenue. With a consolidated picture of all your facilities and a detailed analysis of individual properties, you are better able to evaluate your property investments—and gain higher returns.

JD Edwards World Property Management is part of Oracle's JD Edwards World Project Management family of applications and integrates seamlessly with other JD Edwards World applications.


JD Edwards World Property Management streamlines property management tasks and improves your analysis of your property investments, helping you increase revenues from your facilities portfolio.

  • Analyze occupancy patterns to determine trends among a tenant base.
  • Reduce overhead with automated invoicing, vouchering, security deposit maintenance and interest generation, and late fee payments.
  • Match billing cycles to leasing terms.
  • Compare actual vs. potential earning power of a property based on current market conditions.
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