PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery

Answer Perplexing Project and Resource Management Questions Faster Than Ever Before

Built on Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery correlates structured and unstructured project data to enable organizations to answer complex questions at unprecedented speeds and serves up the insight via interactive dashboards targeted at the needs of project, program, and resource managers and executives.

  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery
Feature Benefit
Dynamic, user-definable dimensions for unprecedented flexibility in filtering project and resource transaction data
  • Interrogate project information and answer complex questions in ways and at speeds not previously feasible
Analysis of project and resource information based on data stored in documents and other unstructured formats
  • Discover relationships and trends between project execution and project financial performance that cannot be determined with traditional relational database business intelligence tools
Depiction of resource supply, resource demand, and projects on maps for visual analysis
  • Raise resource utilization and improve competitiveness through early identification of resource supply and demand disparities
  • Perform business functions directly from maps to implement action plans faster and with less effort
Interactive analysis against massive volumes of project and resource financial data
  • Identify issues that have project financial impact, make better decisions, and act faster to improve project performance
  • Rapidly pursue various paths of inquiry that would not otherwise be possible in order to improve confidence in business decisions
Sophisticated resource supply and demand matching based on both structured and unstructured data
  • Tighten project and resource controls by detecting patterns of behavior not visible through traditional structured analytics
  • Visually identify when and where demand for resources is not aligned with supply with minimal effort
Rapid drilldown to project and resource data behind the analytics
  • Gain context from the metrics by examining both structured and unstructured data sources behind the analytics
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