PeopleSoft Asset Management

Oracle's PeopleSoft Asset Management offers a fresh approach by delivering maximum financial control and system flexibility. With a single centralized repository of asset data, PeopleSoft Asset Management becomes the core for all assets and related activities giving you complete visibility into your assets worldwide. With a flexible system that extends beyond the traditional tasks of adding, transferring, depreciating, and retiring—every task is streamlined and automated minimizing the cost of tracking your physical assets.

PeopleSoft Asset Management is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management family of applications.


Improve Asset Visibility and Utilization

  • Eliminate redundancy and inaccuracy in asset reporting and decision-making with single source of truth for all assets
  • Capture and track extensive financial and operational detail for complete depiction of asset ownership costs, maintenance, and performance
  • Streamline reporting and analysis with role-focused administration and representation of asset relationships

Support Global Compliance and Controls

  • Meet global requirements with advanced depreciation methods
  • Streamline asset processing and eliminate the need for cumbersome manual steps with delivered features designed to satisfy legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Elevate enterprise governance with financial audit framework

Lower Costs with Efficient Asset Processing

  • Reduce errors and increase processing efficiencies with integration to PeopleSoft Financial Management and Supply Chain Management applications
  • Accelerate accounting processes and reduce manual intervention with flexible asset accounting rules
  • Reduce manual data entry and provide real leverage to finance staff with mass asset accounting and tracking tools
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