PeopleSoft General Ledger

Oracle's PeopleSoft General Ledger is a comprehensive financial management solution that offers a fully automated close and consolidation solution for legal and management reporting. It provides strong controls to meet financial reporting regulations with flexibility to accommodate different accounting standards and industry business requirements.

PeopleSoft General Ledger is integral to PeopleSoft's financial control and reporting solution and is part Oracle's PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications that addresses the most complex business requirements and provide comprehensive business and industry solutions, enabling organizations to increase productivity, accelerate business performance at lower cost.


Increase Efficiency in Financial Management and Reporting

  • Maximize performance for reporting and processing through hierarchies and effective dating to support what-if analysis and processing
  • Reduce costs through flexible business and accounting structures with a centralized configuration utility
  • Achieve best practices by centralizing maintenance of validation and accounting rules through common setup and processing
  • engines
  • Perform operational and strategic analysis with out of the box financial inquiries

Dramatically Improve Period Close Processing

  • Gain productivity with dynamic allocations that provide flexibility, automation, accuracy and control in distributing costs, revenues and other metrics across the enterprise
  • Increase automation and time efficiency with online real-time suspense reconciliation
  • Optimize consolidation with unlimited number of consolidation roll up structures

Automate Compliance and Controls

  • Strengthen financial control and standardize approvals through approval workflow framework
  • Provide robust controls by maintaining a flexible framework for configuring and maintaining data-level security
  • Improve visibility of financial activity tracking through a configurable financials audit framework
  • Improve productivity through efficient, online and automated reconciliation of the ledger to the subsystems

Support Multi-Currency and Multi-National Accounting Requirements

  • Improve performance through multi-currency views of the ledger
  • Efficient re-measurement of gains/losses at ledger, customer and vendor levels
  • Improve visibility of multiple accounting GAAPs in the same ledger through the use of book code or though separate ledgers
  • Streamline financial statutory reporting through automated mapping of corporate chart of accounts to statutory account requirements (alternate Account)

Meet Unique Global and Industry Requirements

  • Lower costs in education and government through budgetary rules and managing the bottom line with commitment control and configurable budgetary setup
  • Drive performance in financial services through average daily balance analysis for profitability and regulatory reporting
  • Efficiently manage multinational rollouts through configurable global capabilities such as IFRS and VAT reporting