PeopleSoft Enterprise eSettlements

Relying on paper-based processes to pay for goods and services and to resolve disputes with suppliers can be costly, inefficient, and prone to error. Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise eSettlements is a global electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) solution that enables organizations to optimize the settlement process with electronic invoices and payments, matching online approval, dispute resolution, and email notifications.

PeopleSoft Enterprise eSettlements is integral to PeopleSoft's procure to pay solution and is part Oracle's PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications.


Streamline and Automate Invoice Management

  • Reduces paper processing with electronic feed of invoices such as EDI, cXML, XML
  • Streamline approval process with configurable, graphical and flexible workflow
  • Manage costs and reduce the liabilities on balance sheet with dynamic discounting

Improve Supplier Collaboration

  • Minimize supplier inquiries by providing self service inquiries (DSO, Aging Balance, Inquiry)
  • Enable suppliers self maintenance through rapid approval and dispute resolution features
  • Streamline supplier communication with Web 2.0 tools

Streamlined Processing and Reduce Costs

  • Seamless integration to other PeopleSoft Enterprise applications such as Payables and Financial Gateway
  • Improve productivity by insuring straight-through processing with Financial Gateway
  • Support global processing requirements with multicurrency functionality, international payment formats and VAT