PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Feature Pack 1


Oracle's first feature pack for PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions 9.0 delivers constituent data management improvements for both technology and business users. As evidence of Oracle's commitment to a Service Oriented Architecture, the feature pack includes a new Constituent Web Service feature that leverages the interoperability and reusability of Web services to support the integration of constituent data between PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions and other systems in an institution's IT environment such as housing and parking systems and identity management tools.

The feature pack also includes a new External Search/Match feature, which improves a user's ability to search for constituents - including students, faculty and staff - in systems outside of PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions. This enables users to search a centralized "person repository," or constituent hub, which will help minimize duplicate constituent data across various systems.

The new Affiliations feature allows institutions to define and create numerous affiliations to represent the changing roles that constituents have as they move through an institution - such as basic roles (prospective student, student, employee, alumni, etc.) or more specific (English major, faculty advisor, basketball player, etc.). The feature pack not only allows institutions to define their own affiliations, such as when a student becomes an alumni, but also automatically adds or removes affiliations based on these definitions, instead of requiring users to make these changes manually across various systems. This will give institutions greater insight into individuals' relationships with them, helping to save time and improve the institutions' ability to interact with each constituent.

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