PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Records

Student Records helps you manage all aspects of enrollment, including catalog and class schedule maintenance, transfer credits, requisite restrictions, class start and end dates, wait lists, academic programs, transcripts, and analysis.

Enterprise Campus Solutions are a part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise product line.


  • Expedite enrollment by processing all permission, deadline, and other course requirements online.
  • Administer enrollment by creating and assigning enrollment appointments to customized student populations.
  • Build dynamic academic calendars for self-paced classes to calculate significant dates, such as drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Evaluate course credit transfers and make adjustments to present the best-case scenario.
  • Calculate academic statistics and report results.
  • Customize transcript production and process multiple requests.
  • Establish customized grading guidelines.
  • Improve record maintenance and organization.
  • Maintain course catalog, enrollment, and grading information in a single database.