PeopleSoft Industry Analytics

Business analytics and performance management systems can help companies deliver operational excellence by aligning strategy with operations and driving predictable results. These applications provide even more value to companies when they address specific industry needs. So PeopleSoft has expanded its industry focus for PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions to the manufacturing, healthcare, and higher education industries.

PeopleSoft worked with key customers, implementation partners, industry consortia, and standards bodies to develop extensions that incorporate industry best practices and expertise. These solutions are built on PeopleSoft's EPM platform to provide pre-packaged performance metrics and benchmarks, domain-specific data models, and analytic applications for specific industry solutions. You'll gain access to critical information in real time, so you can adapt quickly to changing market conditions, regulatory requirements, and new business practices.


In today's competitive manufacturing environment, it is more important than ever to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Supply chain friction points must be removed and visibility into supply chain performance must be increased in order to remain competitive. To do this, companies need a comprehensive solution that enables them to monitor, evaluate, plan, and respond to ongoing changes within their organization and in the market. However, until now, companies have been constrained by supply chain management solutions that only focus on execution with little or no information on past, present, or future performance.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Manufacturing Scorecard provides the real-time production analysis needed to improve the overall adaptability of your supply chain. Consolidated visibility into best-practice key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you manage rising supply chain costs, address changes in your supply chain, and ensure better capacity utilization.


Healthcare systems around the world are in crisis. Reduced Medicare reimbursement, aging baby boomers, and increased regulatory requirements are requiring healthcare organizations do more with less. In order to survive, these organizations must identify where their money is being spent and how to balance the quality of care with cost-cutting initiatives. This requires executives and department managers to have visibility into financial, clinical, operational, and qualitative information that can be used to make the most effective decisions.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard provides managers with the information they need to spot trends, forecast future performance, estimate whether they are on target to achieve organizational goals, and address situations before they impact the bottom line. With real-time consolidated information delivered directly to their desktops, managers no longer need to search dozens of reports in order to answer key questions such as: Are staffing numbers appropriate relative to the daily census levels? What is the average length of patient stays? What percentage of inpatient revenue is capitated vs. self-pay? Are supply costs higher than the expected threshold?


Nearly everyone in higher education is feeling the pressure to measure, analyze, and report on many aspects of the student population. Many institutions are being asked to show the value or return on the operational costs of student recruiting, courses they offer, and financing programs for students. Fragmented data, rising education costs, increasing global competition, and heightened regulatory requirements are diving the need for deeper insight and analysis of the core business of education—the students.

Oracle's Campus Solutions Warehouse enables institutions to access the data they need to increase student recruiting and retention rates, shorten the time-to-graduation, and monitor tuition awards and payments-all mission-critical business processes around which institutions are striving to improve metrics, drive down costs, and gain insight for powerful institution-wide decision-making.