Additional PeopleSoft Applications for Financial Services

To meet all the business challenges associated with increased regulatory requirements, complex global operations and the rising demand for innovative customer service, PeopleSoft delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre-integrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking and capital markets organizations.

These additional PeopleSoft applications related to Financial Services consist of solutions that are part of the PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications.




Uniquely enables you to: Via these capabilities:
  • Strategically Manage Costs
  • Derive cost/benefit information for particular businesses, geographic markets, products, or customers
  • Use dynamic drivers to allocate resources to activities and cost objects in a repeatable and sustainable fashion
  • Monitor the productivity, capacity utilization, efficiency, and effectiveness of activities
  • Create World-class Portfolio Models
  • Import third-party and market data, and process it with performance data to generate customized yield curves that accurately represent your alternative cost of funds
  • Model the way specific customers will respond to interest rate changes
  • Forecast product-pricing rates and predict future interest rate spreads between product yields and market rates, and between asset and liability products
  • Generate actual or projected cash flows using product pricing and interest rate sensitivity
  • Project the effects of loan prepayments and deposit runoffs on future cash flows
  • Comprehensively Perform Future Projections
  • Perform what-if analysis on your assumptions
  • Calculate capital requirements based on your projections of credit-quality migrations and loss severity
  • Understand the risks associated with realigning your portfolio of customers and products
  • Efficient Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Efficient support for central bank regulatory reporting through configurable ledger based Average Daily Balances
  • Support management reporting through summarization of detail ledgers
  • Provide visibility into ledger balance currency exposure and off balance sheet activity through real time maintenance on the ledger
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