Additional PeopleSoft Applications for Public Sector

Public sector leaders face increasing expectations from citizens, businesses, elected officials, and employees. Pressed to provide services and information more quickly and cost effectively, they are often saddled with legacy information systems that fail to leverage current technology or provide an enterprise-wide view of government.

  • PeopleSoft Financial Management
  • PeopleSoft Financial Management
  • PeopleSoft Financial Management
  • PeopleSoft Financial Management
Features Benefits
Strategically Manage Costs
  • Dynamic drivers allocate resources to activities and cost objects in a repeatable and sustainable fashion
  • Real-time analytics monitor the productivity, capacity utilization, efficiency, and effectiveness of activities
  • Derive cost/benefit information for particular regions or departments
  • Automatically manage all financial obligations to pre-authorized budgets
Integrated End-to-End Solution
  • Prepare and analyze plans in real-time without having to move between applications
  • Compare strategic plans with detailed budgets by using online variance analyses reports
  • Create dynamic relationships between target and budget scenarios for tightly interrelated modeling
Intelligent Planning and Budgetings
  • Determine level of resources needed in order to meet next year's forecasted demand
  • Analyze how changes in volume and service mix influence costs and resources
  • Generate multiple planning scenarios to assess the consequences major changes in your planning
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