PeopleSoft Global Payroll

Oracle's PeopleSoft Global Payroll solution delivers efficiencies, improves control over all aspects of your worldwide payroll operations, allows best practices to be replicated across the enterprise, and increases visibility into individual country activities. A single rules-based engine and scalable platform with an ever growing list of country extensions enable you produce multinational payrolls that fully comply with local requirements.

PeopleSoft Global Payroll is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management family of applications.


PeopleSoft Global Payroll delivers a rules-based payroll management system that improves accuracy, timeliness, and financial controls.

  • Consolidate disparate payroll operations for multiple countries by using a single database, yet enter and access payroll data from anywhere in the world.
  • Isolate country-specific regulations, processes, reports, self-service, and user-defined rules from the core application by using delivered country extensions.
  • State, calculate, and distribute an employee's pay in multiple currencies.
  • Use a robust absence management engine to manage the most common leave types and automate the leave accrual balance process.
  • Leverage existing employee HR and Payroll data to drive payroll processing and use delivered business processes across multiple countries.
  • Use many of the features common to North American payroll, such as arrears processing rules, retroactivity processing, off-cycle payroll runs, and bank-related information.
  • Integrate with standard chart fields to facilitate payroll expense reporting.
  • Provide senior management with greater insight into payroll expenses by country.