Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labor

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Time and Labor is a flexible, integrated solution designed to support the time reporting needs of a wide range of business functions, including payroll, financial and cost accounting, project management, employee benefits, and organizational administration. PeopleSoft Time and Labor automates the processing of payable time in any large or growing organization.

PeopleSoft Time and Labor is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management family of applications.


PeopleSoft Time and Labor allows end users—whether on the shop floor or in a management role—to enter time and other related transactions with ease, reducing labor costs and improving effectiveness.

  • Delivered seamless integration with PeopleSoft Payroll for North America and Global Payroll to compensate time reporters for their payable time and, at the end of the pay run, sends labor-related costs back to Time and Labor, where they are distributed across payable time.
  • Automated integration with PeopleSoft Financials sends labor costs to drives project costing.
  • Provide a variety of ways in which time can be reported: Timesheet, Web Clock, Mass Time, Rapid Time, and Time Collection Devices with Oracle Validated Integration from Accu-Time Systems, Kaba Benzing, and TimeLink.
  • Delivered rule templates for rule calculations as well as a robust rule engine that can support complex rules creation and processing that expand beyond the capabilities of configuration control rules.
  • Provide user preferences used by employees and manager to view and update their schedule and time related preferences, such as preferred shifts and times as well as pre-population of Timesheet from prior period, schedule, or task values.
  • Create flexible schedules for fixed, rotating, or dynamic shifts and manager can swap, replace, or override employees' schedule on an ad hoc basis.
  • Adoption of the PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine and HCM Delegation Framework enables an organization to specify multiple levels of approvers, define specific approval criteria, and delegate management tasks to other users with integrated worklist and email notifications.
  • Time management features such as exceptions to review, who is currently logged in, no shows for current shifts, reported absent for today, reported in training for today, and more provide managers insight.
  • Delivered integration with Oracle Workforce Scheduling to achieve optimal project tracking and absence tracking, as well as to manage and monitor schedule assignments.


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