PeopleSoft Workforce Communications

PeopleSoft Workforce Communications (WFC) is a comprehensive solution for planning and deploying HR programs. WFC provides the tools to deliver surveys as well as other communication to the workforce for the purpose of aligning the workforce to organizational and corporate goals, as well as reduce risk and ensure containment of workforce costs.


HR Programs & Communications

HR Programs & Communications allow human resources to achieve a specific objective such as launch a career development and training program, increase worker productivity, or reduce employee medical claims.


Surveys allow human resources, management, and employees to communicate more effectively, through email and two-way survey communications. Organizations can deploy personalized, rich text, interactive surveys to targeted workforce groups, and better understand workforce needs, morale, risks, and ways to reduce costs.

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and analytics tools allow you to understand survey response trends amongst various demographics to improve your workplace and retain employees. Track program results versus targets to measure success and justify value to the organization.

Delivered Integration

Target defined employee groups with delivered integration to both PeopleSoft Human Resources or E-Business Suite Human Resources.


  • Increase relevance and reach of workforce communications
  • Reduce costs of programs and benefits
  • Increase adherence to policies to reduce risk and improve financial outcomes
  • Engage the workforce to increase productivity
  • Achieve organizational alignment faster and increase workforce acceptance of change
  • Influence organizational strategy


Some examples of how HR programs could be utilized include:

  • Organizational change management communications
  • Cultural brand awareness
  • Open Enrollment communications
  • Policy and compliance communications
  • Manager assessed workforce planning
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Alumni community communications & development

Some examples of how surveys could be utilized include:

  • Career development and skill assessment
  • Employee engagement & satisfaction
  • New Hire and Exit Interviews
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Equal opportunity compliance programs

Workforce Communications analytics can enable you to answer the following questions:

  • Which workforce demographic is the most and least satisfied or engaged?
  • How is satisfaction and engagement related to other factors?
  • How do you get the right talent in the right position?
  • How many contractors have we hired as a result of alumni programs?
  • Which initiatives were most successful?
  • Has the initiative resulted in the committed goal of cost reduction?
  • What percent of recipients responded to the survey?
  • How many people opened the email communication? Who didn't open it?