PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer

Simulate Large & Complex Allocations Faster to Improve the Bottom Line

Oracle's PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer is a dynamic solution that enables the C-Level suite to do what has not been done before. The office of the CFO can now quickly simulate large & complex financial allocations as the financial period progresses and greatly improve the bottom line.

  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer
  • PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer
Feature Benefit
Simulate large & complex financial allocations using large volumes of real time data
  • Do what you could not do before
  • Proactively manage complex business and financial changes
  • Provide effective decision support to the C-level suite
  • Constantly manage the bottom line
Collaborative & dynamic dashboard for easy maintenance & tracking of financial simulations
  • Easily manage simulation status to provide efficiency to Finance operations
  • Identify and address priority simulations in support of early recommendations to CFO
  • Optimize in-memory resources through easy maintenance of scenario structure and related data, to allow expanded simulation capability

Simple step by step simulation guide leveraging the power of PeopleSoft Activity Guides and WorkCenters

  • Achieve high efficiency and visibility in Finance
  • Heighten focus of user via one stop management of all simulated financial allocations and changes
  • Improve productivity of Finance users through easy to simulation flow and work paradigm
Simulate large & complex financial and operational allocations to reflect market and business opportunities using the real time financial position
  • Gain insight to the financial position in advance of the close
  • Capitalize on potential business opportunities that aren't obvious otherwise
  • Improve the bottom line via 'What if' analysis of potential business activity, costs from regulatory requirements or implementation of mergers & acquisitions
Simulate internal business and financial structure with the power of PeopleSoft differentiators of Effective Dating, Global/Local Data Maintenance and Hierarchical Data Management
  • Reduce manual effort and costs of simulating new businesses, products as well as changes to the chart of accounts outside of the real time financial data
  • Reduce risk of making hasty or erroneous changes to the production environment

Power of In-Memory Technology Support for push button, lightening speed execution of large simulation models with graphical display

  • Visibility into large and complex simulations allows Finance to accurately assess the model prior to execution
  • Efficiency in processing large simulation models with large volumes of related data leads to faster recommendations and implementation of C-level decisions
Real time analysis of simulation results with comparatives across simulations
  • Replace guess work with real time actual simulation results based on the real time financial position
  • Make sound business decisions based on single simulation results in pro-forma financial statements
  • Share comparative results with executives and business stakeholders such as P&L at a business, product or regional basis
Automatic deployment of financial structure and financial allocation configuration changes to production with full security, workflow and audit tracking
  • Reduce costs and risks of manual changes to production for many simulations
  • Support audit requirements efficiently through use of workflow and audit trail framework
  • Efficient segregation of duties through focused security roles and privileges
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