PeopleSoft Grants - The Grants Workcenter with focus on the Grants Workcenter Dashboard including targeted user-configurable, actionable charts PeopleSoft Program Management - The Project Activities page supports Dependencies and Constraints, Gantt Charting, and an improved user experience for creating and maintaining work breakdown
structures PeopleSoft Resource Management - Use Consolidated Scenario Analysis to perform what-if scenarios and determine if available resource supply is adequate for the requested project demand PeopleSoft Billing - With installment billing, you can create flexible payments, supporting complex billing options to meet your business needs PeopleSoft Proposal Management - Track confidence in your pipeline, manage multiple versions of proposals, and plan detail cost and staff estimates with accuracy PeopleSoft Project Costing - The Projects Reconciliation Workbench streamlines project, contract, and financial closings PeopleSoft Expenses - The new Mobile Expenses solution provides on-the-go travelers with access to corporate credit card transaction data, enter and submit expense reports, attach receipt images from the smart phone or tablet, and review past expense history