PeopleSoft Contracts

Improve Your Contract Management Processes

To be effective, your contract management system should reflect the way you run your business. With Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Contracts, revenue recognition and billing are independent decisions so you can satisfy your customers' demands while adhering to proper revenue recognition practices without manual intervention or accounting manipulation

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Feature Benefit
Extensive Integration
  • Streamline billing by gathering transactions, applying contractual rates and schedules and sending billable transactions to the Billing module. This process can include downstream finalization, printing and integrations to Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger
  • Analyze project profitability by using costs captured in Project Costing and revenue recognized in Contracts
Industry Extensions for Government Contracting (United States)
  • Functionality to capture and administer withholdings, including billing
  • Ability to subject incremental transactions resulting from variance pricing to limits and withholdings
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