PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation

Seamless Integration, Complete Flexibility

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation applications enables project-centric organizations and departments to establish core operational processes that support full project lifecycle management—across operations and finance—from project selection, planning and staffing, through execution, cost control, and analysis.

  • PeopleSoft Services Automation
  • PeopleSoft Services Automation
  • PPeopleSoft Services Automation
  • PeopleSoft Services Automation
Feature Benefit
Invest in the right portfolio of projects
  • Establish common corporate metrics for project selection with portfolio analysis
Standardize project delivery
  • Normalize key business processes with integrated project management
Optimize your project resources
  • Find and deploy the most qualified resources for each task with integrated resource management
Unique industry needs, project by project
  • The manner in which projects are planned, executed upon, and controlled can vary widely from organization to organization.
Modular nature
  • PeopleSoft Services Automation family enables customers to deploy applications based on their specific needs
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