PeopleSoft Project Costing

Improve Your Project Costing Processes

Many project-centric organizations need a more accurate picture of their project costs. Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Project Costing's financial control features provide improved budgeting capabilities and greater oversight into project transactions.

  • PeopleSoft Project Costing
Feature Benefit
Increased financial control
  • Budgeting features that support both revenue and cost budgeting allocations
  • Alerts and online budget-to-actuals analytics configurable with multiple selection criteria and detailed drill down capabilities
Powerful Analytics and Reporting
  • Gather, analyze and report on project-related information and perform what-if and operational analysis using an unlimited work breakdown structure to create a visual representation of the project structure
  • Utilize straight-line and weighted average summarization calculations for tracking percentage completion and progress at either a summary or detailed project level.
Robust Billing and Costing
  • Define flexible billing and costing rates to be used across integrated systems for creating costing and billing transactions
  • Choose billing and cost rates by employee, job code or team role
Streamline Asset Capitalization
  • Create a series of cascading defaults from the business unit and project down to the activity to enable express capitalization
  • Set up capitalization rules, integration triggers, approval process and adjustment rules to greatly reduce manual intervention needed to create and adjust capital assets from project cost transactions
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