PeopleSoft Enterprise Risk Management

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Risk Management is an intelligent solution designed to facilitate the management of financial risk in a volatile marketplace. Built-in analytic mappings to a leading third-party valuation engine enable you to manage enterprise exposure, value at risk, mark-to-market, convexity, durations, and other complex risk factors. Our solution provides real-time access to enterprise and third-party data using only a web browser.

PeopleSoft Risk Management is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management family of applications. Along with PeopleSoft Cash Management and Deal Management, it is part of a complete Treasury solution for addressing the critical planning, processing, and reporting requirements of global treasury units.


  • Analyze online pricing and portfolios using interface to third party and proprietary analytical tools
  • Ensure compliance with FAS 133/138 and IFRS (IAS) 39
  • Track life cycles of both the underlying positions and hedging transactions, including changes of hedging status
  • Enforce position limits and apply limit controls automatically as these limits are approached or exceeded
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