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PeopleSoft PeopleTools – Tools and Technology


PeopleTools is the comprehensive development and runtime platform for PeopleSoft applications. Its fundamental design principle--that developers and business analysts should 'define applications rather than code them' --has made PeopleTools the gold standard for enterprise applications. PeopleSoft applications such as Human Capital Management, Financial Management and Supply Chain, and others are all built with PeopleTools.

PeopleTools' many features include standards-based integration, robust reporting, advanced user interface features, administrative tools, and lifecycle management tools--everything that a comprehensive enterprise-level platform needs.

PeopleSoft applications have always been leaders in external application integration. To facilitate external integration, PeopleSoft delivers a complete standards-based integration platform called Integration Broker. Integration Broker delivers three critical aspects of integration:

  • Metadata-based integration definitions for easy development and life-cycle management
  • Runtime platform complete with synchronous and asynchronous processing that is tightly integrated with PeopleSoft runtime
  • Adapters to several key technology interfaces such as web services, ftp, and email

Businesses today are required to adapt quickly to competitive and customer challenges. Integration Broker helps address these challenges. Using Integration Broker, PeopleSoft Applications can integrate with other PeopleSoft applications or with third-party applications using standards-based integration technology such as SOAP, XML, WSDL, WS_Security, FTP(s), REST, and many others. The PeopleSoft Integration Network (PIN) lets integration administrators introspect PeopleSoft applications to discover integration points, validate integration definitions, and trace integration transactions between multiple systems.

Reporting and Analytics
The PeopleSoft reporting framework makes users more productive by providing web-based tools to locate and organize real-time data as they work. Users can query ad-hoc data from the system, embed analyses in a business process for reuse, and then access those results from different devices like their laptop or iPad.

PeopleTools enables business users to perform ad-hoc querying and analysis of real-time operational data. Since the reporting technologies are part of PeopleTools, no data movement is required to access real-time data. Using the reporting console, users can schedule queries, reports, and processes to run on a recurring basis and distribute results based on reporting security.

PeopleTools makes reporting extensible. You can embed reporting definitions within application business processes in order to have analytics in context, including the following:

  • Queries that show current operational states can be published as pagelets to dashboards, so up to the minute information is available
  • Pivot Grids support operational dashboard reporting within PeopleSoft to provide a pivot table and chart representation of data. Pivot Grids enables users to see different views of data. Users can pivot and filter data, and take different views of the same data
  • Live Query and Pivot Grid definitions can be embedded in to a transaction or business process through configuration using the Related Content framework. This allows you to associate reporting definitions with PeopleSoft pages so analysis is available while performing a transaction

Security can be leveraged across the entire PeopleSoft ecosystem. With PeopleSoft's strength in HCM, the person model, directory interface, and dynamic roles, customers can implement enterprise security better and faster than with other solutions. In addition, PeopleTools can integrate with other Oracle security products to extend security capabilities.

Lifecycle Management
PeopleTools has a full set of Lifecycle support applications and utilities, which reduce the cost of ownership by simplifying the process of upgrading, maintaining and testing PeopleSoft applications. Lifecycle tools include the following:

  • PEOPLESOFT UPDATE MANAGER—Simplifies the process of applying maintenance to meet customers' needs.
  • CHANGE ASSISTANT – Automates the process of installing software patches, updates, and upgrades, reducing the time required for application updates.
  • CHANGE IMPACT ANALYZER – Helps you determine the impact of specific changes you plan to make during an application upgrade.
  • SETUP MANAGER – Helps in identifying, managing, and executing setup tasks based on business processes or the PeopleSoft products you select. Setup Manager reduces the time and cost required to implement your PeopleSoft applications, ensuring the implementation is completed accurately and in the correct sequence.
  • PEOPLESOFT TEST FRAMEWORK—PeopleSoft Test Framework lets you create automated test scripts that are managed by and integrated into your PeopleSoft application. This integrated approach lets the system determine which test scripts should be run when maintenance is applied, and which test scripts are no longer operational.

User Experience
PeopleTools facilitates a modern interaction model providing a rich, web site-based user experience, global search-centric navigation, and contextual navigation and actions. PeopleTools provides frameworks for a contemporary user experience featuring role-based WorkCenters, dashboards, and modern Enterprise 2.0 concepts like tagging, mash-ups, and collaborative utilities like discussion forums and blogging.

PeopleTools supports an HTML base that enables rapid adoption of new technology and changing standards. This makes PeopleSoft application user interfaces adaptable, brand-able, and enables customers to align their user experience with their business processes. When advances are made to user experience standards, it is easy for PeopleTools to take advantage of the new improvements.

PeopleTools supports platform choice. This means making our PeopleSoft solutions work in your world by providing the widest array of platform choices in the industry. You can leverage your existing IT infrastructure as well as your existing skills investment. PeopleSoft allows you to migrate easily to new technologies based on your evolving requirements as your business grows and changes. Choice is still important to many customers, and PeopleTools offers the flexibility to use the most relevant platforms. As part of this world-class infrastructure, PeopleTools supports all the popular, industry-leading operating systems, RDMBS products, web/application servers, and browsers.

PeopleTools' Application Designer is a mature, proven development platform that enables fast development lifecycles for new and customized functionality. Customers can quickly create functionality in PeopleSoft applications that take advantage of their unique competitive differentiators. This makes PeopleTools a strategic advantage for many customers.

Benefits Independent of Application Upgrades
PeopleTools offers consistent releases, bringing the latest technology enhancements to customers in a timely fashion, but allowing them to upgrade on a schedule that is convenient. This also provides benefits to customers independent of application upgrades.

PeopleTools provides PeopleSoft applications the technology to stay current with the needs and expectations of users. This means PeopleSoft applications can provide the latest user experience paradigms to their constituencies, letting users access important data and execute key business processes faster than ever.