Benefits of Staying Current on PeopleTools

Oracle continues to drive innovation into the core of the PeopleSoft suite with targeted annual releases of PeopleTools and corresponding adoption of Oracle's leading technology infrastructure. New PeopleTools capabilities improve the way applications users work while reducing operational costs through standards-based platform adoption and market leading lifecycle management tools. Our latest releases continue Oracle's commitment to protecting and extending the value of the PeopleSoft applications, provide cutting edge enhancements that improve end user productivity and help reduce the total cost of ownership.


  • Revolutionzing the Way Users Use PeopleSoft Applications--Ongoing adoption and use of the commercial internet has changed users' perception of enterprise application user interfaces. The way users search for and interact with data, view information, and take action on data has changed in recent years. PeopleTools gives PeopleSoft applications the technology to stay in sync with the needs and expectations of users. The PeopleSoft technology platform enables users to access critical data and execute key business processes quicker and more intuitively than ever.
  • Reducing Operational Costs Through Standards-Based Platform Adoption and Leading Life-Cycle Management Tools
  • The Future of PeopleTools shows continued innovation. From its initial release, PeopleTools has proven its ability to adopt new technology, platforms, and devices and bring the PeopleSoft applications forward. No other Enterprise Toolset has proven its ability to evolve and change with rapidly changing technology the way PeopleTools has.


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