PeopleTools and Mobile Computing

The popularity growth in smart phone and mobile devices such as tablets has left many enterprise applications in the cold. Users demand information at their fingertips, and workflow interfaces directly on their mobile devices. PeopleSoft's adherence to standards such as web services and html and java script make enabling mobile with PeopleSoft flexible and quick.

PeopleSoft is on the leading edge as one of the first major enterprise application vendors to certify the entire suite of products on the iPad. And there is more. From email approvals to native and web-based applications, PeopleSoft is a leader in the mobile space.


iReceipts—A native iPhone application used to collect expense items that are later uploaded to the PeopleSoft Expense application via SOAP-based web services.

Approval Workflow—PeopleSoft technology that lets users approve business transactions directly from their smart-phone. Notifications are delivered as email and the user may approve or deny the transaction directly from the smart phone

iPad certification—The entire suite of PeopleSoft applications is certified to run on the iPad using the Safari Browser.

Integration with Mobile Development Tools—PeopleSoft's standards-based integration that is provided with Integration Broker makes developing with mobile tools flexible and easy. Whether you choose SOAP-based web services or new RESTful web services, bringing content to mobile devices from PeopleSoft Applications has never been easier.


Watch PeopleSoft applications running on an iPad

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