PeopleTools and Mobile Computing

The popularity growth in smartphone and mobile devices such as tablets has left many enterprise applications in the cold. Users demand information at their fingertips, and workflow interfaces directly on their mobile devices. PeopleSoft's adherence to standards such as web services and html and java script make enabling mobile with PeopleSoft flexible and quick.

PeopleSoft is on the leading edge as one of the first major enterprise application vendors to certify the entire suite of products on the iPad. And there is more. From email approvals to native and web-based applications, PeopleSoft is a leader in the mobile space.


Fluid UI—HTML/CSS3 technology delivered with PeopleTools 8.54 that is used to build responsive PeopleSoft applications that run on many different devices such as smartphones, mini tablets, tablets, and laptop/desktops. Applications use the same PeopleTools components, records, and pages to render user interfaces that adapt to the device being used.

Mobile Application Platform—The mobile demands are changing so quickly that it's difficult to know exactly what the user interfaces of the future will need to provide. PeopleSoft built and delivered MAP to provide a mobile user interface that leverages RESTful web services so that virtually any type of primary or embedded UI can be created from PeopleSoft.

Approval Workflow—PeopleSoft technology that lets users approve business transactions directly from their smartphone. Notifications are delivered as email and the user may approve or deny the request directly from their mobile device.

iScript—PeopleSoft delivered iScripts as technology that can be used to build servlets with PeopleCode. Applications took advantage of these and produced a series of mobile applications that run on the 9.1 and 9.2 application versions.

Web Services—PeopleTools strong support for standards based integration lets PeopleSoft applications take advantage of Oracle's leading mobile development tools. Mobile Inventory Management is an ADF Mobile application and Mobile Student Admin is build using Oracle’s Mobile Application Framework.


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