Primavera Inspire for SAP 8.0


Oracle continues to deliver a world-class solution that simplifies enterprise project, portfolio and resource management by integrating resource, scheduling, materials and financial information between SAP’s enterprise resource planning solutions and Oracle’s Primavera project portfolio management applications.

Oracle’s Primavera Inspire for SAP 8.0 enables you to:

  • Deliver projects on-time and within budget
  • Provide enterprise-wide project, portfolio and resource management transparency
  • Accurately forecast project costs, schedules, materials and resources
  • Improve project and portfolio collaboration
Primavera Integration with SAP


Increase Profitability Through Superior Transparency

  • Provides real-time performance overview for project costs, schedules, materials and resources across all projects or portfolios of projects throughout the lifecycle of an asset
  • Helps organizations reduce project risks and meet critical delivery dates across the enterprise or at a single site, by effectively forecasting and managing project information
  • Easy integration with Oracle’s Primavera P6 and SAP’s project systems, plant maintenance, materials management  and human resources modules
  • Ensures executives and project team members have the most up-to-date, accurate information with email confirmation and notification of synchronization results

Align Business Data with Project Data

  • Based on enhanced Primavera API technology and SAP’s Process Integration platform for workflow and data transfer
  • Provides a standard technology for streamlining business processes that requires only hours for setup
  • Flexible scenarios for integrating with multiple SAP modules
  • Configurable and customizable data mapping options for to support  multiple business   processes

Provide a Single Portal for Multiple Information Sources

  • Customizable data views so project team members get the data they need in a format that’s appropriate for their roles
  • Easily transfer detailed project information between applications, or select specific elements of a project to transfer
  • Improve collaboration with internal and external groups
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Provide reliable reporting of project parameters across applications with “one version of the truth” regardless of application or user

Materials Management Integration from Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management to SAP ERP

  • Supports the creation of Material Component Assignments based on planning performed in Primavera P6
  • Users can assign material resources in Primavera P6 that will ultimately flow into and be procured through SAP Materials Management functionality

Optimization of Memory Utilization and Performance

  • Technical enhancements enable the standard Primavera Inspire for SAP installation to be improved to handle large shutdown/turnaround scenarios while consuming less memory from SAP NetWeaver platform and allow other applications deployed on the same platform to run without interruption

Upward Compatibility with Primavera P6

  • Provides continued interoperability between all supported versions of Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, including  8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and SAP ERP


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