Primavera Capital Planning

Powerful Multi-Portfolio Project Planning

Primavera Capital Planning provides the tools to manage all of the prospective and on-going projects in your project portfolios.  Develop multiple scenarios, include both top-down and bottom-up cash flow models, and approve portfolios for execution.  Manage different project initiatives in their own portfolios.  Included are complementary modules for document management, phase gate control, reporting and more. Primavera Capital Planning is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

  • Primavera Capital Planning
  • Primavera Capital Planning
  • Primavera Capital Planning
  • Primavera Capital Planning
  • Primavera Capital Planning
Feature Benefit
Multi-Scenario Planning
  • Full visibility of project attributes for prospective projects, at any level of the organization’s project hierarchy
  • Include / exclude candidate projects from plan based on criteria
  • View each scenario in an easy-to-use, editable grid format
  • Sort, filter, and group important project information to analyze and optimize each portfolio
Flexible Timescales
  • Define different timescales for different portfolio types
  • Manage different granularities across the horizon (e.g. quarterly for first two years, yearly for next thirteen years)
  • Consolidate actuals and forecasts from projects in execution to match granularity
Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Allows planner top-down information for prospective projects, as well as bottom-up data from project manager during execution
  • With permission, planners and project managers can see each other’s cash flow data
  • Planners can choose to maintain dynamic link to on-going projects to see real-time roll up
  • All cash flow information rolls into subsequent (e.g. next year) portfolio plan
Document Management
  • Manage documentation related to prospective and on-going projects with full role-based access controls
  • Check in / check out, full revision control, links to all business process records in system
  • Strong auditing of view / upload / download / revision / commenting with date/time stamps
  • Use advanced features such as automatic storage of business process attachments into specific folders, email alerts, control of file access by project phase
Dashboards and User-Defined Reports
  • For projects in execution, visualize rollup of all project information on a universal project landing page
  • Fully configurable dashboards, either as enterprise standards or on a per-user basis
  • User-definable reports for quick and easy summary or detail views
  • Export reports to spreadsheets, PDF, and schedule reports for automated delivery
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