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Primavera Facilities Management provides a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution to plan, manage and maintain smooth operation of your facilities. From defining and tracking building spaces to performing facility inspections, the solution provides a flexible toolset that can adapt to customer-specific needs. Primavera Facilities Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

  • Primavera Facilities Management
  • Primavera Facilities Management
  • Primavera Facilities Management
  • Primavera Facilities Management
  • Primavera Facilities Management
Feature Benefit
Maintenance Management
  • Ability to support Corrective, Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Support for an easy-to-use Service Request submission via a Portal interface
  • Configurable automated processes to generate preventive maintenance work orders at the appropriate time, based on a time-based schedule or meter readings
  • Support for PM books, Job Plans, Meter Readings, Job Sequencing, Invoices and Payments
  • Basic Material and Parts inventory, material orders and receipts, material moves, material adjustments, and more
  • Track all task assignments, due dates and notifications with Unifier’s powerful workflow engine
  • Rollup maintenance related costs and expenditures across a single property or across the entire portfolio for accurate TCO calculations
  • Drill down through facility management costs by each transaction for the entire facility or across the portfolio of facilities. All cost structures are easily configurable by an administrator
  • Manage, track, and maintain all work performed on your facilities, buildings, and equipment
  • Gain visibility into material and labor costs
  • Keep interruptions, system failures, and safety incidents to a minimum
Space Management
  • Flexible and configurable solution to create, classify, and organize building floors and spaces by types such as usable spaces, common spaces, vertical penetrations, gross exterior measured areas, or any other customer-specific space classification
  • Leverage the configurable space definition capabilities to extend space attributes to your own needs beyond the basic ones such as Space Name, Size/Area, Location, Types, Vacancy status, Usage, etc.
  • Track space standard compliances, room availability and occupancy rates, in a single building, property, region, or across the entire portfolio
  • Use Unifier Space Manager’s configurable Stacking Plans capabilities to provide visual representation of an entire facility or building, broken down by floor or level and show how space is being used and assigned
  • Simplify employee or asset moves by leveraging Unifier’s flexible workflow with task assignments, due dates and space/room selection. Generate move tickets for detailed move tasks, labor and material needed to manage the move process
Facility Condition Assessment
  • Support for routine inspection and assessment of the condition of each building system. Collect, analyze, and report on the condition of the entire facility
  • Assess deferred maintenance work and estimated deficiencies, current replacement value and capital renewal costs
  • Support for Uniformat II cost modeling using Unifier’s configurable FCA Manager sheet
  • Ability to provide total estimated deficiencies and deferred maintenance work, to support decision makers in their annual budgeting and maintenance project planning
Document Management
  • Leverage a robust audit trail of document changes to ensure team members have the most current set of facility documents, floor plans and as-built drawings
  • Take advantage of Unifier’s Document Manager tight integration with Unifier’s market-leading business process and workflow engine for streamlining changes
  • Use advanced features such as automatic storage of business process attachments into specific folders, email alerts, control of file access by project phase, auto reference file management and more
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