PPM Solutions for Process Improvement

Optimize Your Project & Resource Investments Across the Enterprise

Oracle Instantis the leading cloud provider of enterprise PPM software for managing Six Sigma and Lean process improvement initiatives with more customers deployed on the EnterpriseTrack solution than the nearest competitor. EnterpriseTrack was designed by pioneering Six Sigma customers working with Instantis product managers and engineers.

Feature Benefit
Strategy Management Define a portfolio of strategic goals and initiatives and use it to drive business strategy and process execution from the top down.
Process Management Enables process owners to define process maps, assign, roll-up and monitor metrics, and manage change via aligned continuous improvement projects.
Idea Management Automate your project “suggestion box” by capturing project ideas and filtering requests leveraging an online portal.
Proposal Management Enforce a standardized workflow for promoting an idea to a proposal, selecting and approving projects, and ensuring alignment with strategic goals.
VoC Management Mobilize the voice of the customer by gathering feedback on-demand from key internal customers and stakeholders with simple online surveys and polls.
Resource Management Manage resource assignment, tracking, and roll-up of actual utilization, effort, results, and costs against objectives, plans, and budgets.
Project Management Ensures best-practice application of chosen methodologies, increases project visibility (status, issues, risks, etc.) and guides project team to execution success.
Knowledge Management Improve project execution success rates by leveraging a centralized knowledge base of project best-practices, documents, tools, and templates.
Financials Management Track hard, soft, and theoretical benefits and cost savings including plan vs. actual, including top-down and bottom-up project budgeting, and capitalization, expense, and charge backs to accounting.
Metrics Management Track and roll-up non-financial performance indicators such as output, defects, yield, or any other user-defined operational metric of choice.
Dashboards & Reports Easily and instantly compose and share project- and portfolio-level dashboards and reports at any phase of the project life cycle, from ideas to proposals to project execution to metrics and results.
Collaboration Deploy a fully integrated social networking capability for project team and stakeholder communication and collaboration.
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