Primavera Project Delivery Management

Project Delivery Management for Flawless Execution

Primavera Project Delivery Management offers out-of-the-box features and full scalability for managing all aspects of your project workload.  Automate all of your business processes both within your organization and across your supply chain, including design coordination, field engineering, construction administration and more. Included are complementary modules for document management, phase gate control, reporting and more. Primavera Project Delivery Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

  • Primavera Project Delivery Management
  • Primavera Project Delivery Management
  • Primavera Project Delivery Management
  • Primavera Project Delivery Management
Feature Benefit
Design Coordination
  • Automate creation of projects with routing based on project cost or other parameters
  • Maintain latest basis of design documents with revision control
  • Manage design reviews across all disciplines with rich commenting capabilities
  • Track all design sets throughout your organization’s project phase gate methodologies
Project Collaboration
  • Maintain automated business processes and logs for meeting minutes, action items, correspondence and more
  • Coordinate with external parties via supplemental instructions, design change requests
  • Enforce compliance to daily, weekly, monthly reporting schedules
  • Utilize uDesigner configuration tool to create virtually any business process forms and workflows
Construction Coordination
  • Manage notices to proceed, RFIs, submittals, and similar processes
  • Control the project closeout process with punchlists, closeout checklists, warranties, turnover documentation
  • Maintain safety logs with incident reports that are reportable across all projects
Phase Gate Management
  • Define organizational standard methods to manage project phase gates
  • Automatically advance projects through the phase gates using any system activities as trigger elements
  • Modify the system interface automatically as gates are passed, allowing only certain items to be visible depending on current phase
  • With permission, allow manual override of trigger items or manually advance projects
Document Management
  • Full-featured document management capabilities embedded within the cost control system
  • Revision control, check in / out, commenting, and full audit logs of all activities
  • Utilize Oracle AutoVue for generic viewing and markup capability across hundreds of filetypes
  • Utilize automated project email address to send files to the system via email
  • Linked to all Unifier business processes for both sending and receiving of files, with maintained relationships to all business process records
Dashboards and User-Defined Reports
  • Visualize rollup of all project information on a universal project landing page
  • Fully configurable dashboards, either as enterprise standards or on a per-user basis
  • User-definable reports for quick and easy summary or detail views
  • All dashboards and reports at higher hierarchy levels report on all related lower levels
  • Export reports to spreadsheets, PDF, and schedule reports for automated delivery
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