Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning

Align Business Decision with Business Objectives

Identify opportunities for more profitable inventory investment, ensuring that day-to-day decisions align with business objectives.

  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning
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  • Combines best practices with the ability to configure merchandise planning processes to each retailer's specific needs
  • Enables cross-channel and cross-organizational collaboration in the planning process using roles, plan versions, and reconciliation and approval
  • Supports high-level strategic, and low-level detailed financial merchandise plans
  • Provides both pre-season and in-season planning, supporting retailer budgeting and open-to-buy or reforecasting processes
  • Improves business plan accuracy by basing plans on accurate demand forecast rather than solely on sales history
  • Shortened planning cycles with more detailed and frequent planning
  • Better-quality decision making
  • Faster identification and evaluation of areas of opportunity
  • Better and more profitable inventory investment decisions

More About Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization


Increase your revenue and margin by enabling cross-channel planning and collaboration, providing insights into customer demand and offering executable recommendations to optimize profitability.

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