Oracle Retail Item Planning

Maximize Sales and Minimize Overstocks

Get visibility into sales, inventories, and profit throughout an item’s lifecycle so you can maximize sales and minimize the overstocks that drain revenue and profit.

  • Oracle Retail Item Planning
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  • Provides automated, intelligent item lifecycle plans that can be reconciled to top-down targets
  • Uses statistical forecasting to provide a science-based view of sales and demand
  • Delivers a pre-season sales, inventory, and margin strategy for key items
  • Acts in-season as an assortment dashboard to monitor performance and manage top and bottom sellers
  • Provides an extension to assortment planning, defining assortment plan and performance across time
  • Improves accuracy in item planning through automated decision making
  • Ensures top-down and merchandise area targets and objectives are achieved
  • Maximizes return on inventory Investment
  • Provides decision support and continuous visibility into sales, inventory, and profits
  • Optimization provides a focus on profitability, out-dates and end-of-life inventory goals

More About Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization


Increase your revenue and margin by enabling cross-channel planning and collaboration, providing insights into customer demand and offering executable recommendations to optimize profitability.

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