Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization

Align Everyday Pricing with Overall Strategies

Maximize revenue and margin through an insight-driven understanding of the most optimal everyday pricing.

  • Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization
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  • Align everyday price activity to overall category strategies to support item-level price recommendations that maximize revenue, margin, or competitive strategy
  • Perform analysis using highly evolved “what-if” capabilities and see both overall and item-level impact on demand and key financial metrics
  • Price at channel, zone, chain, region, and store level and make decisions based on a granular understanding of demand at any level of the hierarchy
  • Understand item and cross-item price elasticity to gain insight into the halo and cannibalization effects of one item’s price changes on all other items in the category
  • Account for business constraints to maximize financial results within the set of constraints needed to support a retailer’s strategies
  • Leverage a common demand forecast to drive all category planning, tactical pricing, and supply chain activities.
  • Increase gross margin dollars by 3-5%
  • Increase sales
  • Drive localized, more profitable, and easier everyday pricing decisions
  • Respond intelligently to competitor pricing strategies
  • Ensure pricing recommendations adhere to core business rules
  • Make pricing decisions in context of enterprise planning objectives
  • Get forecasts integrated with overall enterprise demand forecast
  • Based on scientifically proven retain predictive analytical server and planning platform
  • Tie pricing results directly to execution and POS
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