ATG Web Commerce Service Center

Oracle ATG Web Commerce Service Center helps you extend your commerce and merchandizing strategy into the contact center. This Web-based solution gives agents all the rich information and tools to administer orders, deliver superior customer service, and proactively up-sell over the telephone.

Turn Your Service Center into a Sales Center

With competitors just a click away, shoppers demand excellent customer service. ATG Web Commerce Service Center helps you increase customer satisfaction by providing a smooth experience when shoppers move across channels to get product information, complete orders, and have their questions answered. You'll also reduce costs with a seamlessly integrated Web channel and more efficient contact center operations.


ATG Web Commerce Service Center streamlines your operations with one system for order administration, sales support, and customer care. With it, agents deliver a high quality of customer service and have access to the information they need to offer timely cross-sells and up-sells. ATG Web Commerce Service Center helps you:

  • Seamlessly integrate the Web channel
  • Increase contact center operations efficiency
  • Empower agents to quickly locate the exact product a customer needs
  • Leverage industry-leading best practices for finding information by integrating with Oracle ATG Web Knowledge Manager
  • Drive targeted and relevant offers and promotions
  • Increase efficiency with one user interface
  • Improve conversion rates for initial offers as well as cross-sells and up-sells
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