Siebel CRM Technology

Oracle's Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers solutions for: Development, Diagnostic, Integration, Productivity, and Mobile services.

  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
Feature Benefit
Application Deployment Manager
  • Lower cost of managing deployments and reduce errors
Application Response Measurement
  • Collect and analyze performance data
Business Rules
  • Reduce maintenance and configuration costs
  • Simulation features test business rules before deployment
Siebel Handheld, Siebel Wireless, Siebel Remote and Mobile Web Client
  • Competitive advantage in both cost and levels of customer service
  • Provide immediate access to critical information anytime, anywhere
Siebel Server Sync
  • Enable employees to work seamlessly between desktop productivity applications and CRM applications
  • Make more informed decisions with a complete view of all customer communications
Task Based UI
  • Reduces navigational complexity, automatically executing design logic
Test Automation
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of both functional and load or performance testing
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