Oracle Recommendations Single Channel On Demand

Oracle Recommendations Single Channel On Demand leverages deep knowledge of your product catalog and real-time shopper behavior to automate merchandizing and insert highly relevant product recommendations into any single channel including your Web site, contact center or any form of e-mail communication. Offered as a SaaS solution, it helps you generate higher click-through rates and revenue by personalizing e-mails as they are opened.


Successful e-commerce depends on your ability to offer your customers the products they want. Oracle Recommendations Single-Channel On Demand lets you leverage deep catalog and the predictive knowledge of past shopper behavior to automatically display merchandise that is most relevant to each visitor or e-mail recipient.


By taking advantage of the predictive targeting power of Oracle Recommendations Single Channel On Demand, you can select the one channel that's most important to you—Web or e-mail—and truly personalize recommendations to increase conversion rates and order sizes on your site or drive highly qualified traffic to your Web site via e-mails. To leverage recommendations for more than one channel, see Oracle Multichannel Recommendations On Demand. Oracle Recommendations Single Channel On Demand helps you:

  • Increase repeat traffic to your site by personalizing recommendations
  • Increase new and repeat purchases
  • Increase average order values and profits
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Merchandize smarter and more efficiently
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