Oracle Tutor 14.0

Oracle Tutor enables organizations to quickly create, deploy, and maintain policies and procedures. Using the Tutor application to document the "People to People" activities in an organization adds value in two key areas: 1) provides policies, procedures, and support content to prepare Oracle client end-user communities for effective work management in any applications implementation, and 2) provides policies and procedures to auditors as part of a transparent sustainable documentation library supporting compliance. Oracle Tutor is key to facilitating change management, increasing employee productivity, and assisting in adherence to policies and procedures.




Benefits Results
Increase Productivity
  • Drive higher user effectiveness and enable self-service with accurate role-based policies and procedures manuals
  • Achieve faster time to competency and adoption
Streamline Implementation and Reduce Costs
  • Jumpstart implementations using pre-written model procedures and support documents
  • Accelerate procedure development process with conversion of Visio and XPDL files
  • Effectively communicate policies and procedures to the end user community
Manage Change and Minimize Risk
  • Provide employees and managers confidence in job execution
  • Effectively train new hires or new users
  • Develop roadmap for continuous improvement of business processes
  • Document key organizational information
Address Compliance
  • Deploy standards to increase user adoption of compliancy procedures
  • Create and manage audit trail documentation
  • Reduce audit costs and achieve regulatory compliance

Tutor can be instrumental to companies who are:

  • Documenting business practices for various compliance initiatives
  • Enabling employee self-service to increase productivity and reduce help desk costs
  • Capturing organizational knowledge and ensuring workforce effectiveness
  • Implementing new enterprise applications or upgrading to new releases


  • "We decided to link Oracle Tutor to departmental procedures, and link it to ISO 9000. It provides us with the regulatory information, and it makes sure our materials are kept up to date."—Des Halliday, UPK Project Manager, Xerox Corporation
  • "In terms of cost savings, centralized management of documentation, easy manageability, improved operational efficiencies and leverages user skills, Oracle Tutor has been wonderful."—Coy Sable, Team Leader, Brunswick Communications